O bom sabor de la selva

Posted on April 4, 2011


Um Bongo in the Congo!!!

I’m speechless.

It turns out they do drink (or sell, at least) Um Bongo in the Congo!!!!

I can’t actually believe it. I really can’t.

I’ve been preparing my rant for days, waiting for the final confirmation that it doesn’t exist over here. And yet, it does.

Wow – amazing!

Über huge congratulations (and thanks!) to Alan (and Prince) for finding it in the local ‘Jambo mart’. I went there this morning to check it out for myself, unbelievable! Granted, it comes from Portugal, but still…!!

See for yourselves:

Alan and Prince are clearly excited with their purchase!

An Um Bongo gorilla!

An Um Bongo zebra!

Me (in my beautiful Um Bongo t-shirt, a leaving present courtesy of 'Team America + however many' at TCG!) and the Um Bongo - SO excited!!

Despite not knowing what Um Bongo was, Prince was excited to have his photo taken with it!

Um Bongo, Um Bongo, WE drink it in the Congo!

Um Bongo being sold in 'Jambo mart' in Lubumbashi

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